Turn Your Arguments
Into Winning
Conversations Template

Learn The Exact Steps that thousands of couples are using to reduce their conflict and arguments in their relationship, so you never have to leave a conversation feeling frustrated again!

Daniel and Sandra Crayton

Worship Leaders & Kingdom Builders

“After attending marriage conferences, reading all the top marriage books, and still struggling for real answers, we turned to Tara and Chris to guide and coach us with transformative skills that have saved our marriage! We now understand ourselves and each other on a level we never knew existed! We can now have calm discussions with intentionality where we both walk away winners!” 

In This FREE Checklist, We'll Show You...

Set A Goal

Start with a clear and defined objective, so you are free to focus on what's truly important. We'll reveal the most potent mindset hack to ensure peace.

Listen More, Speak Less

The most underutilized skill MOST couples are ignoring which is harming and causing more conflict in your conversations.

Clarity Is The Key

Learn the best type of questions to ask to increase your understanding. You will gain clarity into the "real" issue with the proper understanding.

Keep Your Cool

We even show you that anger is a secondary emotion, and once you see what's causing the heat to rise, you can stop it.

…So You Can Achieve Results Like These Using This Same Exact Template

“I was blown away by the response I saw on my husband’s face when I used some of the words Chris & Tara teach, change is happening!”

~Amy Lynn

“My Husband called me yesterday when on his way out and said “I don’t know what you’re doing but whatever it is, it’s impressive”

~Shalika David

Hi, We’re Chris & Tara Borghese

The Co-Founders of The Marriage Revelation, where we help married couples find the ultimate state of understanding, connection, and intimacy. 
After 30 years of battle testing what works and what doesn’t, we have a unique system that will “Revelationize” your marriage.
We are passionate that more intimacy and peace in your marriage and family can be had without having to “give in” or compromise. 
We help couples gain a deep understanding of themselves and each other to restore their marriage to what God originally intended. 

What KINGDOM LEADERS have to say

Trisha Frost

Co-Founder Shiloh Place Ministries

“Chris & Tara Borghese have a heart to se marriages and families restored. They have a true impartation of the Fathers Heart to bring healing and hope. You ill be blessed as some of your belief systems are radically turned upside down revealing the keys to experience the glory of God in your marriage. You can’t help but walk away feeling encouraged!”

Jim Baker

Founder of Wealth With God

“I’ve personally known Chris & Tara for many years now. What they teach isn’t just theory, it’s been battle tested and proven. They are made to coach marriages to help them get “Unstuck” and even help GOOD marriages reach higher levels. I am so excited about what they are doing and where God is taking them.”

Dr. Robert Rohm

President of Personality Insights

“The information that Tara & Chris teach will Revolutionize your relationships. I fully recommend Chris & Tara Borghese to anyone that wants an easy to understand blueprint for a healthy marriage. I encourage4 you to be a part of The Marriage Revelation, and take the necessary next steps to bring more understanding to your marriage. “

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Turn Your Arguments Into Winning Conversations Template

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