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Finally, the instruction manual that should have come with your child!

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Discover New, Exciting, and Loving Parenting Skills For Revolutionary Relationships!

"You cannot raise each of your children the exact same way and expect good results"



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The Family Mastery has helped our blended family become one family. Understanding each other has given us the gift of "grace" towards each other while bringing peace and appreciation to our home. We highly recommend this!

"We had no idea how knowing this information would transform our relationship with our kids...we finally understand them, lol!

Chris and Tara have become part of our family...the support and love they have shown us throughout our journey of being married and becoming parents has been amazing! We have leaned on their wisdom so many times because what they teach is life changing!

"We literally are reminded of the tips and strategies we learned from Chris and Tara every day! It has helped us be able to understand ourselves and others on a whole new level.

What Do We Believe?

At the Marriage Revolution Academy, we know  you long to enjoy your life, your marriage, your relationships. You are someone that desires a happy, healthy, and respectful connection with the one you said, “I do” to.

When you got married, you anticipated your dreams coming true, you didn’t foresee this relationship becoming one of your greatest sources of pain. But so many of us are left feeling hopeless, wounded and frustrated… leading to 1 out of every 2 marriages ending in divorce. 

Until now, the only solution has been for you to drag your spouse oftentimes kicking and screaming, to some counseling session only to have them masterfully convince everyone that , “everything is your fault.” 

Are you perfect and without fault? Most likely not…however, you are seeking change, you are seeking healing, and you are seeking help. We are here for you, we’ve heard your cries and we understand your journey. 

It’s your time to break the cycle of manipulation, victimization, and start experiencing everything that God has for your life.  Even if your spouse refuses to change…it’s your time to breathe again!

The Marriage Revolution Academy leads our participants into a positive encounter where you gain the skill set to live a free, fun and joyful life. Leading you through the healing of wounds, freedom from manipulation, and teaches you the skill sets to establish healthy boundaries. 

This step-by-step, proven system has been in the making for  over 30 years. The whole purpose is to bring you to a strong and powerful emotional and mental state so you can live your happily ever after. 

When one spouse has the courage to say YES to wholeness, happiness and confidence the entire family will prosper and societies will be transformed. God has so much to show you!


Healthy Relationships Start With You…

Launching This April

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